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The best Limewire alternative is one that works, doesn’t have any spyware or adware, and is completely legal to use! There are countless of softwares popping up everywhere that offer free music downloads, however, are illegal just the same way that Limewire was! So what is the best limewire alternative? The answer is finally here!

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Limewire Alternative

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With the recent news about Limewire shutting down, the music industry took a spin for the worse! People were frustrated and didn’t know where to download free music, however, with Music Rockstar, we are able to provide you with the music that you want completely free. We have took the liberty to get copyrights for all of our artists in our database and therefore, can provide you with unlimited download speeds and songs!

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The software is super easy to install, takes less than 30 seconds, and barely takes up any space on your computer! It is super light weight and won’t slow down your computer at all. Not to mention it is completely safe, and free of any spyware or adware that most other music downloading applications come with. It is also 100% free, and we don’t require any free trials or credit card information at all, so download it now!


What Can You Do With The Music?

You are free to download any song or album that you would like and play it through our application. We do not require you to do anything else except have our program installed on your computer to enjoy our music! After you have downloaded the music, simply transfer it to your favorite album store, such as iTunes, and then sync it with a CD, iPod, or cell phone to play your music! The possibilites to downloading free music truly are endless with Music Rockstar!

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Other Music Downloading Softwares?

They simply cannot compete with us! Music sharing softwares such as Torrents, Ares, Limewire, Frostwire and the like are quickly dieing out and seeing lawsuits sent their way. Why bother downloading software and installing it when it may go down any day? With Music Rockstar, you simply download it once, and your guaranteed access to our free music downloads for ever! No more worrying about legal lawsuits and copyright laws, all of our music is legal and free! Be safe when downloading music and do it the right way with Music Rockstar!

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